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The Spanking Captain Suzi Knox

The Spanking Captain

Suzi Knox

Kindle Edition
25 pages
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 About the Book 

Ellie is an undercover journalist onto a big story. She is hired by Captain Spencer of the ‘Barefaced Cheek’, who is rumoured to treat his female crew as play-things, punishing them for any error with a firm spanking - and maybe more - in return for a large payment and a strict confidentiality agreement.Will she manage to get a good story and gather secret photographic evidence during the trip? Will she submit to him and his first mate? And what else are the dubious pair hiding on their boat?Warning: this is not a romance and features lots of spanking, some bondage and dubious consent sex. It is a short story (approximately 8.500 words)Other erotica titles by Suzi Knox:Far Away TiesBustyBusty Tales (collection- includes Space Slave)