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Quarta dimensione Lino Aldani

Quarta dimensione

Lino Aldani

Published 1964
302 pages
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 About the Book 

Lino Aldani was an Italian science fiction writer.Aldani was born in San Cipriano Po in 1926. He lived until 1968 in Rome, where he worked as a mathematics teacher, and then back in San Cipriano Po.He published science fiction stories starting in the Sixties (his first published short story being Dove sono i vostri Kumar?, in 1960) and his first novel, Quando le radici, in 1977. In 1962 he wrote the first Italian critical essay about science fiction, La fantascienza. In 1963 Aldani founded the SF magazine Futuro with Massimo Lo Jacono.Won the ESFS award Lifelong Literary Achievement in 1989.His works have been translated into several languages. He died in Pavia on 31 January 2009.