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Tunnels of Zarahemla (The Liahona Legacies, #3) Tina Monson

Tunnels of Zarahemla (The Liahona Legacies, #3)

Tina Monson

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With Hero, Bubba, K.P. and Bean safely back- the rest of the Team gathers for a closer look at The Treasure. As Stick, Runt, Red and Bear begin playing with it- a blinding flash of light fills the treehouse. As the Team recovers from the shock, they suddenly realize that the boys are gone!Thrust into the past, the boys face peril and treachery at every turn. Forced into a network of secret tunnels beneath the city of Zarahemla they embark on a nearly impossible adventure to outwit blood thirsty members of the evil Gadianton robbers- rescue the imprisoned prophet, Samuel, from a ruthless execution at the hands of Captain Gilead, leader of the Gadianton robbers and his chief commander Giddianhi- correct the perilously altered historical timeline- AND figure out how to get back - before its too late!Determined to do the Lords work and somehow return home safely, the boys set out as their friends back in the treehouse pray desperately for their return.Arm yourself with your scriptures and hang on tight for a thrilling ride!